Friends in my pool 2016

Underwater photography training in pool
01 title page Text Friend in my pool 2016 Lee Peterson  Photo by Dave King MCD Multi strobe set up Backdrops 4057 Night time set
Lee Peterson Lee and Jana 6712 Lee and Jana 6710 Jana with Nexus and Ikeliet strobes Hai and Jessyka Hai and Rochelle Johnson
Johnson Yang in pool Johnson-Jessyka-Hai in pool Cipirian and Glenn-Marie Jana and Cipirian ModelJana Craciunescu Jana with fisheye lens
Hai and Rochele HI and mermaid 4065 Amy and Casady framed Amy and Cisco underwater Amy and Cassady Amy and son blowing bubbles
Amy Amy-bubbles Amy reflection Amy-BxW Amy-BxW teture Casady 2243
Franky Franky-Karine Franki and Karine happy Karine and Franky ready Karine Breed long hair Karine breath
Karine Breed BxW Karine reflection Karine Breed Karine Karine-gun Steven Clemmings-Gina Shiotanti team
Steven Clemmings-Gina Shiotanti Gina 1221 Gina Shiotanti Gina reflections Gina BxW Glenn-Marie Professionsl
Glenn Marie bubbles Glenn Marie  relaxed Glenn Marie smile Glenn Marie strech Glenn Marie v covered Glenn Marie flying
Glenn Marie red dress Glenn Marie BxW Glenn Marie hair Glenn Marie scarf Jana Craciunescu Jana and Husband 4679
Jana Cover Jana sky reflection Jana and Skull 5423 Jana bubbles Jana global Jana in orange
Jana in orange-2 Jana -orange scarf Jana in white with fans Jana with fans BxW Jana with fans-2 Jana pumpkin
Jana and pumpkin scare Jana Craciunescu-2 Jana sumerging Jana frame Jana surface Jana 1
Jana 2 Jana 3 Jana 4 Jana 5 Jana white Jana diamond
Jana-smoke Jana relaxing Jana hair flow Jana hair Jana-BxW top Jana flower
Jana at night Jana Jana at night1 Jan Jana at night2 Jana Jana at night3 Jana Jana at night4 Jana reflection
Jana Jana at night5 Jana Jana at night6 Jana Jana at night7 Jana Jana at night8 Jana Jana at night9 Jana at night10
Jana at night11 Jana at night12 Jana at night13 Jana at night14 Jana at night15 Jana at night16
Jana prisioner Jana prisioner1 Jana prisioner2 Jana prisioner3 Jana action Jana under cover
Jana under cover2 Lana and Shell Jana funny face Jana-solar Jessyka modeling in pool Jessyka modeling in pool2
Jessyka modeling in pool3 Jessyka modeling in poo4 Jessyka modeling in pool5 Luke Ce Luke Ce upside down Luke Ce2
Luke Ce-BxW Luke Ce-face in water Luke Ce-face in wate1 Mistana Misti Yoga Misti-2
Rochelle Johnson Rochelle Johnson2 Rochelle Johnson3 Rochelle4 Rochelle Johnson5 Rochelle Johnson6
Samantha hai Samantha2 Samantha PTSD Dream Samantha PTSD Dream1 Samantha PTSD Dream2 Samantha PTSD Dream3
Samantha PTSD Dream4 Shannon,Kenneth,Jack Hayek Jack Kennithg Hayek Jack Hayek2 Kennth2
Shannon Shannon2 Shannon3 Shannon 4 Shannon5 Shannon6